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Wildflower is a holistic beauty bar for women who are seeking results and rest. Who have tried conventional options and want more. Who are ready to transform their skin and their idea of beauty. We offer holistic beauty practices that support transformation, inside and out.

Truth: Many skin concerns, including the lines on your face, are physical expressions of emotions that are held in your body.

There are no quick fixes when it comes to skincare. To soften the lines that appear on your face, invigorate the skin, and boost radiance - long term- you need to go a little deeper. The key to smoothing or even erasing the wrinkles that appear on your face is to discover and release the corresponding emotions that you're holding in your body. Real change requires that you go beneath the surface, and transformation is always possible. With holistic practices, the results can be seen and felt daily.

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Our services are holistic beauty practices that support transformation, inside and out.

The Pedicure

The Facial

The Ritual Pedicure

The Manicure

Customized to your unique skin, The Facial includes transformative modalities like facial gua sha and reflexology, manual lymph drainage massage and a facial reading to help shift you and your skin to your most balanced, radiant state.

Every Ritual Pedicure includes a 15 minute upper back and shoulder massage, a lower leg and foot massage, a flower essence infused sugar scrub and an aromatic facial compress.

The Manicure includes a five minute hand and upper arm massage, cuticle care, nail buffing and application of our non-toxic polish.

The pedicure comes with a rose petal filled foot soak, five minute neck and shoulder massage as well as a foot massage + sugar scrub to bring comfort to your tired feet.

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“My heart was calling me to be a voice of change in the beauty industry, especially when it comes to the language used to describe beauty standards and beauty practices. My mission is to infuse women with a sense of personal power around the meaning of true beauty.”

Gretchen Oppenheim, Founder of Wildflower Beauty Bar

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Summer. The season of abundance, tranquility and beauty...

Winter is here and the energy of winter is all about rest and taking it easy...

Spring is here. It’s our time to leave the cave of hibernation...

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