Facial Gua Sha Massage

Facial Gua Sha Massage Port MoodyGentle, restful treatments aren’t often equated to “effective” in the skincare world. In history many of us have been taught that aggressive treatments are the most effective ways to achieve dreamy skin but recently there’s been a movement toward gentler methods which approach skincare from a different point of view.

Enter Holistic Beauty. The idea is to treat the body, mind and spirit as individual units that function as a collective in order to achieve whole body well being and in the case of skincare, radiant, healthy skin. Holistic practices have recently been making waves in the beauty world but they are not a new convention.

Holistic modalities have existed for millennia – think Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine for example. In the advent of high tech face gadgets, harsh chemical peels and injectable treatments there has been a return to ancient beauty tools and practices.

Facial Gua Sha is one of the modalities that’s recently been attracting a lot of attention. Originating thousands of years ago in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Gua Sha has historically been performed on the body as a vigorous massage technique. In more recent history this treatment has evolved to include a much gentler practice on the face.

During the treatment a handheld board, often made of jade is gently pulled along certain energy points on the face. The treatment’s purpose is to move stagnant blood and improve the flow of Qi, the body’s vital energy. Doing so is thought to remove energetic blockages, revitalizing the body and thereby initiating the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

The benefits of Facial Gua Sha include:

• Increased skin radiance. As blood and lymph flow is encouraged the skin is nourished and detoxified resulting in a radiant complexion.

• Contouring and lifting of the face. As muscles are relaxed the face is easily shaped and contoured.

• Visible lifting and smoothing of the skin. As facial fascia is rehydrated and smoothed the skin is naturally lifted and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is diminished.

• A heightened sense of well being is achieved as the parasympathetic system is activated.

Facial Gua sha can be practiced at home however proper techniques must be established to ensure good results and avoid mishaps such as bruising or excessive redness. Visit us at Wildflower Beauty Bar to receive guidance from a certified gua sha facialist to show you how to effectively incorporate facial gua sha into your beauty ritual.

Reset and Restore Ritual Pedicure

Have you ever pondered on the little stressors in your life that drain and scatter your energy and focus? The daily or weekly irritants that occur but are rarely dealt with or which we learn to ignore.  Stressors can be the things we keep looking for, what we forget, recurrent conflicts, unfinished business, etc.  There is no time like the present to contemplate on these stressors and discard or reorganize the aspects of life, home and routine that contribute to stress.

To help you with this task, spiritual healer Amelie St. Pierre of Liberate your True Self recommends Fluorite and Jade.  Fluorite helps bring to order what is chaotic and disorganized. It also helps with decision making and concentration which can be difficult when trying to let go of material things or ideas around what ‘should’ be.

Jade helps to bring peace and harmony to structures, including physical, material, emotional, and intellectual.  It assists with releasing negativity and provides you with the resourcefulness and wisdom needed to adjust your environment. It brings inspiration and helps us solve problems through the dream state.

Fluorite and Jade gemstones encourage a higher ideal for ourselves and our lives and facilitate the accomplishment of this vision.

In the Ritual Pedicure you will also find:

Lotus Wei Radiant Energy Flower Essence – Blended with Pomegranate flower, Jade flower, Naval orange blossom flower and Red clover this cleansing and protective blend helps restore radiance, vitality, strength + balance while offering revitalization after travel or excessive wifi exposure.  It stimulates sensuality, warmth and presence while protecting you from taking on other people’s stress or emotions.

Lavender Essential Oil – A soothing and nerve calming essential oil known to restore the nervous system, reduce restlessness and improve sleep quality. Helps to ease mind, emotions and spirit.

Liberate Your True Self ‘Zen Garden’ Ritual Tea – A relaxing blend of herbs to induce a sense of calm and peace.

Our Ritual Pedicures include extended massage times, a warm facial compress and lots of TLC.

Book your Ritual today,  https://www.vagaro.com/wildflowerbeautybar

Our Ritual Pedicures are curated in collaboration with Spiritual Healer Amelie St. Pierre of Liberate Your True Self, https://www.liberateyourtrueself.com Visit her for a free personalized reading to help you select the best gemstone for you.