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Powerful Presence Ritual Pedicure

I believe that each individual is powerful in nature.  We are born creators and have the ability to create the life and world in which we wish to live.  Our innate powerful presence is a natural gift but it can easily be diminished by the constructs in which we live our daily lives.  There is no time like present to fortify and reclaim your powerful presence.  With cold and flu season upon us it is important to fortify your powerful presence – physically, mentally and energetically.  

Persistent worry and fear weaken the immune system and weaken the spirit of an individual as well as communities at large.  I think it’s important to always, but especially now, take the time to disconnect from popular media outlets and go inward to cultivate a place of peace and a feeling of relative safety.  Connect with your loved ones, do things you enjoy, live life.  Amongst the mask wearing and hand sanitizing remember not to mask your voice and your joys, remember not to sanitize your life of interactions with those you love.  Remember, we are a community that is stronger when connected to each other than when we are separated from each other.  For the time being this connection may look different but don’t let go of the joy of connection.  Connect with loved ones and joyful activity daily, detach from the monologue of fear and re-ignite your powerful presence.

For this Ritual pedicure we teamed up with Energy Healer Amelie St. Pierre of Liberate Your True Self to create a crystal bath that will fortify your powerful presence and energetic field.

In this Ritual you will find:

Nuumite:  One of the oldest stones found on the planet.  It is a stone of resilience and energy which helps one stay grounded and unaffected by external influences

Garnet:  Revitalizes, purifies and balances energy to encourage serenity and passion.  Garnet activates and strengthens survival instinct to bring courage and hope.  It sharpens perceptions of one’s self and others, opens the heart and bestows self confidence.  

Lotus Wei Luscious Embodiment Flower essence: Feel interconnected with the natural paradise around you; Experience freedom in your body: embody your WILD; Trust your body and your immune system

Frankincense Essential oil:  Revitalizing, fortifying + rejuvenating to the skin; Opening, expanding and deepening to the energetic body and airways.  Earthy, grounding and enhances connection to both body and spirit.  

All Ritual pedicures include extended massage times, a warm towel compress and lots of TLC.

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Inner Peace Ritual Pedicure

Your life is a representation of your inner garden. Within the relative chaos of the world, may we find peace in our hearts and minds and reflect it back to the world.

In this month’s Ritual Pedicure you will find:

Moonstone- This gemstone calms emotions and eases emotional instability. It balances over-sensitivity to situations and relieves stress.

Shiva Shell-  Promotes spiritual knowledge. Shiva Shell stimulates the Third Eye Chakra and helps access higher consciousness. Within each shiva shell lays powerful sacred geometry that represents the flow of life, the extended cosmos and the universal knowledge that what is within and what is without are one and the same.  

Bergamot and Rose Essential Oil Blend:  Infused into a warm facial compress this blend of oils will help to calm, uplift, rejuvenate, and dissipate anxious feelings

Lotus Wei “Open Heart” flower elixir blend:  Let the essences of Cannon ball flower, Clock Vine, Saraca and Lady’s mantle empower you with strength in vulnerability + freedom in surrender, awaken your curiosity and allow the unfolding of life’s moments.

All our Ritual Pedicures are created in collaboration with Liberate your True Self and include extended massage times, a warm towel compress and lots of TLC. 

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Stress Relief Ritual Pedicure

This month I thought I’d keep the Ritual Pedicure simple.  After months of adapting, pivoting and adjusting our lives and lifestyles to suit these historic times, simplicity and stress relief seem appropriate things to offer.

In this month’s Ritual Pedicure you will find:

Ocean Jasper:  This gemstone promotes peace and letting go. It enhances the kind of joy and strength that helps to increase expression of love in words & actions. It is beneficial in resolving conflicts and sheds light on the positive aspects of one’s life. Ocean Jasper also helps cultivate patience and coping with change while remaining grounded.

Amethyst: Helps calm the mind from mental overwhelm and aligns one with a more serene & aware state.  It stimulates impartiality, constructive thinking & action.  Amethyst also helps overcome pain, grief & loss. 

Essesntial oil blend of Bergamot, Lavender and Benzoin:  This gently aromatic blend of essential oils helps to relax, calm and ground both mind and body.  

Lotus Wei Boundless Wisdom Flower Essence Blend:  Go deep with the essences of Bodhi Leaf, Spotted Bee Balm. Lilac and White Magnolia.  Activate connection, compassion, flexibility, and the ability to embrace change.  

Our Ritual Pedicure includes 15 minutes of muscle melting neck, shoulder and upper back massage, a warm essential oil infused facial compress and lots of TLC.

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Our Ritual Pedicure is curated in collaboration with Amelie St. Pierre of Liberate Your True Self.  Visit her at for more information on crystals and energy healing.

Heart Minded Ritual Pedicure

We’ve recently experienced rapid paradigm shifts in our world as we uproot deep seeded beliefs and examine the structures in which we live.  Looking inwards to see where we hold structures that no longer support us,  our communities and the world we live in as a whole can be very difficult.  It’s big, beautiful, messy work that requires a lot of compassion and contemplation.  In a recent online session with one of my favourite mediums, Bree Melanson, the group was given the suggestion from the Arcturians to “lift my heart so that I may see” and that hit home with me.  Often the thinking mind justifies and protects the ego and the identity built around it.   What if we moved out of our minds, into our hearts and acted from there?  What would this feel like?  What would it look like to view our lives, our circumstances and our world from the eyes of the heart?

With this intention in mind, Energetic healer Amelie St. Pierre of Liberate Your True Self suggests Garnet Almandine and Dragon’s Blood Jasper to aid discernment and positive change.   

Garnet Almandine – Allows you to contemplate, access truth and to integrate it in accordance with your higher self.  It brings insights even against great resistance.  It expands your levels of awareness and inspires creativity to help bring transformation to your life.  It increases willpower. 

Dragon’s Blood Jasper-  A stone of courage;  It helps you find new ways to transform parts of your life to a more desirable state.  It helps you better understand your emotions and feelings.  It encourages you listen to your heart and provides the necessary strength, courage and purpose needed to address deeply buried or repressed emotional issues in order to resolve them.  It opens you to the strength of love, forgiveness and compassion and gives you the courage to face difficulties head on.  It can also help you build the “real person” you are, dissolving false images and supporting spiritual self-healing.

Cardamom Essential oil:  Helps to calm and soothe nervous system, helps you unwind and strengthen your resolve when faced with challenges, enhances clarity, direction, motivation, enthusiasm, confidence, courage, and purpose.

Cedarwood essential oil.  An oil that balances the root chakra, our foundation.   Imagine yourself rooting into the ground, connecting to and energizing your lifeforce as you inhale the earthy aroma of this essential oil.

Lotus Wei “Truth Teller” flower essence.  This combination of Black Bat Flower, Grevillea, Trumpet Vine and Royal Poinciana flower essences awaken effortless communication + fearless speech, helps you ask for + go after the things you want, inspires confidence, conviction, authenticity + full expression

Our Ritual Pedicure is 75 minutes and includes a 15 min neck, shoulder and upper back massage, an essential oil infused facial compress and lots of TLC.

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If you are interested in crystals and energetic rebalancing visit Amelie St. Pierre at Liberate Your True Self.  

Well-Being Ritual Pedicure

What a roller coaster ride of emotions the last few months have been!   I’m thrilled to be back and look forward to reconnecting with the world.  During my time at home I felt a myriad of emotions ranging from fear to wild abundance.  The temporary closure of my business and great changes in everyday life forced me to contemplate the life I had constructed for myself and the areas in which it could improve.  I won’t say it was an easy time but in hindsight it gave me a strong sense of resilience and confidence while allowing me to release some things that were no longer serving me.  I hope that you too have found a silver lining amidst this shift.  As the world re-opens I thought it fitting to make our re-opening Ritual Pedicure all about grounding and well-being.   I imagine many of us could use a ritual to help steady our feet on solid ground and bring some calm to the nervous system.

In this Ritual you will find:

Fancy Jasper:  A root chakra stone.  Fancy Jasper is said to instil feelings of wholeness, well-being and a sense of being cared for.  It also helps bring calm to overactive emotions making room for clear and rational thoughts. 

Epidot: A heart Chakra stone.  Epidot encourages recovery after illness or great exhaustion brought on by overwork.  It is said to lift emotions, dissolve sadness, sorrow, self pity and grief.  

Lotus Wei Fierce Compassion Flower Essence Blend: This thoughtful blend of flower essences magnifies: love, nurturing, appreciation of things just as they are, healing, an overall envelopment of love and caring for ourselves as well as others.
It dissolves old emotional wounds of the heart, feelings of loss, betrayal, resentment and abandonment.

Geranium Essential oil – known to be a powerful protectant that keeps negative energies away and provides a balancing, uplifting vibration.  Geranium essential oil is said to strengthen the etheric body and help focus an overwhelmed mind.  

Our Ritual Pedicures include extended massage times, essential oil infused warm facial compress and lots of TLC

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Honour Nature Ritual Pedicure

With spring on its way and March 20th being International Earth Day we offer Part III of our Honour Ritual Pedicure Series, Honouring Nature.  Created in collaboration with Spiritual Healer Amelie St. Pierre, this combination of earth elements encourages reconnection with nature in an effort to gain harmony and balance in life. 

In nature, when uninterrupted by man made elements,  everything works together with great ease and harmony.  By strengthening our connection to, and observing the ways of the natural world it may help us find harmony and balance in our own lives.

From Amelie:  “As we learn to listen more intently to our body we may be drawn to seek more natural and gentle ways to fulfill our needs. And as we grow in our connection and appreciation of nature and the depth of wisdom it can offer us, we may slowly start to reestablish the energetic bonds with nature and our environment from earlier times in history.  Through these bonds we may become more receptive to the nurturing energies emanating from the Spirit of the Earth. We may also become more attuned to the ecosystem at large and to the needs of other species of nature. This is when walking through a park or a forest isn’t just a physical exercise but a spiritual experience unto itself.”

In this month’s Ritual Pedicure you will find:

Nuumite:  One of the oldest stones on Earth. This grounding stone promotes resilience and self-empowerment. It is a stone of deep spiritual growth and can help one work with the elements. It is also known to reduce tension and stress and can improve sleep.

Leopard Jasper:  This stone helps with communicating with the animal and nature kingdom. It can help one tap into a different type of communication which is more felt based and telepathic.

Cedarwood Essential oil:  Purifying of one’s space as well as spirit.  Known to be spiritually and emotionally grounding.

Geranium Essential Oil:  Helps reduce feelings of stress and physical tension + helps to balance emotions.  Geranium essential oil is also beneficial for skin health as it is reputed to promote firmness and regeneration of the skin

Our Ritual Pedicures include extended massage times, a warm facial compress and lots of TLC

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Honouring Others Ritual Pedicure

With Valentine’s Day around the corner we are offering Part II of our “Honour” Ritual Pedicure Series created in collaboration with Amelie St Pierre of Liberate Your True Self. 

Being the season of love, this month’s ritual offering focuses on Honouring Others.  To do so we suggest offering others what you want most for yourself.  You know the saying “Treat others the way you wish to be treated”?  That applies here.  What you put out there is what you get back.  For example, if you want to feel understood and supported, extend a compassionate ear, suspend all judgment, and if you can, extend a helping hand. Approach every interaction with another from the standpoint of being on the receiving end and treat each person how you would like to be treated.

This may require you to pause & slow your response, especially in difficult situations.  But giving yourself and the other person this thoughtful response time may help you become more aware of the values you wish to embody.  I find this practice helps improve relationships and attracts interactions that are more satisfying.

To help you with this Amelie suggests Bloodstone and Ocean Jasper.

Bloodstone brings love into any situation & helps ground negative energies surrounding an issue. It promotes courage and thoughtful response by enhancing the functions of the mind, improving clarity.  Bloodstone encourages selflessness and idealism while also stimulating emotional growth and sensitivity.

Ocean Jasper is a nurturing, sustaining and soothing stone that promotes love for self as well as for others.  It helps one accept responsibility for their thoughts and actions and increases the expression of love in words & actions.

In this Ritual Pedicure you will also find:

Lotus Wei “Infinite Love” flower essence blend: Enhance your unique charm and magnetism + awaken loving kindness toward yourself and others

Rose Absolute infused facial compress – Rose: the queen of flowers, the blood of Venus, heart expander.  Rose absolute inspires sensuality, love and an open heart.

Our Ritual Pedicures include extended massage times, a warm facial compress and lots of TLC

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Tips to a Successful Beauty Routine

It’s the beginning of a new decade, a fresh year ahead, and a great time to commit to a facial routine that will support,  rebalance and help transform your skin to its most radiant state.

Here are my tips for success:

  1. Seek professional advice – Seek the help of an esthetician to get your skincare off on the right foot.  We specialize in skin care and can make the process easy.  Selecting the right skincare for your skin isn’t easy to do alone. At Wildflower, we offer complimentary skin care consultations – book online at There are so many products to choose from that it can be overwhelming.  Don’t waste your time or money by making the wrong choice.  An esthetician will guide you to products that are appropriate for your skin as well as provide guidance along the way.  We are also there to suggest products and home care techniques to help transform your skin to its most balanced state.  Clients often tell me they have drawerfuls of product they don’t know how to use or “what they’re for”.  Make 2020 the year of skincare sustainability by investing only in products you need and skipping the items that will live in your junk drawer.
  1. Keep it clean and green: Choose skincare items that support and help transform your skincare. When buying products, skip the ones that are full of parabens, phthalates, drying agents etc. and opt for non-toxic beauty products. We offer 2 non toxic skincare lines Laurel skin – an organic, 100% whole plant based line and Osmosis Holistic Beauty.
  1. Incorporate holistic practices and rituals that improve your skin’s vitality and glow: Include facial massage into your skincare routine such as facial gua sha and jade rolling.  Skin conditions are manifestations of internal imbalances.  Daily detox & de-puffing can be as easy as jade rolling every morning.  If it’s vitality, glow and lift you’re after, try incorporating facial gua sha. At Wildflower, we offer a tactile skincare consultation called the instant glow where we assess your skin with face mapping & perform a mini treatment with suggested skin care so you can experience the products before you bring them home.
  1. Keep it simple – Skincare takes commitment, but it doesn’t have to be burdensome. A good routine can be as simple as 3 easy steps that take 1-2 minuets of your time per day.

I believe skincare is synonymous with self-care.  You should incorporate a routine that’s beneficial, sustainable and a joy to do.

I offer quick video tutorials that you can easily try at home .  Follow along on instagram for skincare tips and tutorials throughout the year @wildflower.beautybar

Honouring Yourself Ritual Pedicure

Historically I’ve not been one to make a New Years resolution as it felt rule bound and constrictive.  Last year I was introduced to the idea of choosing a word as a point of focus and guidance for the year.  A word to guide the year’s goals and decisions and inspire a better version of oneself.  I liked this idea instantly and have found it extremely helpful and inspiring throughout the year. 

This year I decided on the word ‘release’.  I’ve recently found myself clinging tightly to the way things are, fearing change or what may come.  I realize that doing so has caused me to over-work/over-extend myself and has slowed my personal and professional growth.  So in an effort to release stress and the habits and ideas that no longer serve me I’m going to work on releasing my grip.  I feel challenge in this word but also freedom and I look forward to how I will grow and what I can create this year. 

With the idea of resolutions and a new year ahead,  spiritual healer Amelie St Pierre of Liberate your True self  suggested the theme of honour.   I find this fitting for the beginning of a new year.  A great time to contemplate on honouring yourself & your goals paving the way for a fulfilling year ahead. 

In this month’s ritual pedicure you will find:

Scolecite and Amazonite stones to help increase frequencies of honor.

Scolecite is a good gemstone to increase the cohesion of self. It assists one in accessing the root of a problem and helps one transform trials into love. Scolecite promotes self-control and the actualization of what is preferred in one’s life.

Amazonite is a stone of self-confidence, respect and grace. It helps one take action through inspired thoughts. It balances the feminine and masculine energies, balancing doing and being.

Essential oils blend of Rosemary + Orange to uplift, energize, boost the immune system, help reduce anxiety & promote clear thinking

Lotus Wei Truth Teller flower essence blend to magnify fearless speech + authentic expression and dissolve anger + frustration 

Our Ritual Pedicures include extended massage times, a warm facial compress and lots of TLC

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If you are interested in energetic rebalancing or crystals visit Amelie at ask her for a free personalized reading and have her select the best gemstone for you.

Heartfelt Giving Ritual Pedicure

Heartfelt Giving Ritual Pedicure

Heartfelt Giving Ritual Pedicure

The season of gift giving has arrived.  In keeping with this theme, this month’s Ritual Pedicure, the Heartfelt Giving Ritual Pedicure, focuses on giving from the heart.  Giving purely from a place of joy, free from social obligations or expectations.  

We teamed up with Spiritual Healer Amélie St. Pierre of Liberate your True Self to create a ritual soak that truly enriches the experience of this soulful treatment.

When giving from the heart Amelie says: “The electromagnetic field produced by your heart amplifies and the amount of Soul light being embodied increases. This expands your ability to bring in resources needed to fulfill your intentions. In this expanded state synchronistic alignment and convergence of energies occur more easily and effortlessly, bringing what is needed, often times from unexpected sources.

The law of attraction states that what you give out, you receive. However, the energy behind our thoughts and our actions is what dictates what we will receive; Not the act of giving itself. ”

So it is important to reflect on the motives behind our giving. Are we giving because we expect something in return? Are we giving because it is expected? Or are we giving from of a place of joy and freedom?

To help you embody a state of magnanimity, Amelie suggests Citrine and Moss Agate.

Citrine can help increase the joy of giving and align you with abundance so the flow is always replenished, no matter how much is shared.  Citrine dispels fear and promotes optimism and happiness.

Moss Agate is a power stone connected with the elements of nature.  It is said to bring equilibrium to the planet and help in the acquisition of wealth.  It is also a gemstone that will increase the speed of manifestation and can strengthen positive personality traits.

In this Ritual Pedicure you will also find:

Frankincense and Rose Essential oils:  Let the blend of heart opening rose essential oil and spirit connecting frankincense essential oil align you with the spirit of heartfelt giving.

Lotus Wei “Joy Juice” Flower blend:  Awaken joy, laughter and lightheartedness with this fusion of African Daisy, Birdsfoot Lotus, Chocolate Daisy + Pink Spirea flower essences.

Our Ritual Pedicure features extended massage times, a warm facial compress + lots of TLC.

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