Tips to a Successful Beauty Routine

It’s the beginning of a new decade, a fresh year ahead, and a great time to commit to a facial routine that will support,  rebalance and help transform your skin to its most radiant state.

Here are my tips for success:

  1. Seek professional advice – Seek the help of an esthetician to get your skincare off on the right foot.  We specialize in skin care and can make the process easy.  Selecting the right skincare for your skin isn’t easy to do alone. At Wildflower, we offer complimentary skin care consultations – book online at There are so many products to choose from that it can be overwhelming.  Don’t waste your time or money by making the wrong choice.  An esthetician will guide you to products that are appropriate for your skin as well as provide guidance along the way.  We are also there to suggest products and home care techniques to help transform your skin to its most balanced state.  Clients often tell me they have drawerfuls of product they don’t know how to use or “what they’re for”.  Make 2020 the year of skincare sustainability by investing only in products you need and skipping the items that will live in your junk drawer.
  1. Keep it clean and green: Choose skincare items that support and help transform your skincare. When buying products, skip the ones that are full of parabens, phthalates, drying agents etc. and opt for non-toxic beauty products. We offer 2 non toxic skincare lines Laurel skin – an organic, 100% whole plant based line and Osmosis Holistic Beauty.
  1. Incorporate holistic practices and rituals that improve your skin’s vitality and glow: Include facial massage into your skincare routine such as facial gua sha and jade rolling.  Skin conditions are manifestations of internal imbalances.  Daily detox & de-puffing can be as easy as jade rolling every morning.  If it’s vitality, glow and lift you’re after, try incorporating facial gua sha. At Wildflower, we offer a tactile skincare consultation called the instant glow where we assess your skin with face mapping & perform a mini treatment with suggested skin care so you can experience the products before you bring them home.
  1. Keep it simple – Skincare takes commitment, but it doesn’t have to be burdensome. A good routine can be as simple as 3 easy steps that take 1-2 minuets of your time per day.

I believe skincare is synonymous with self-care.  You should incorporate a routine that’s beneficial, sustainable and a joy to do.

I offer quick video tutorials that you can easily try at home .  Follow along on instagram for skincare tips and tutorials throughout the year @wildflower.beautybar

Facial Gua Sha Massage

Facial Gua Sha Massage Port MoodyGentle, restful treatments aren’t often equated to “effective” in the skincare world. In history many of us have been taught that aggressive treatments are the most effective ways to achieve dreamy skin but recently there’s been a movement toward gentler methods which approach skincare from a different point of view.

Enter Holistic Beauty. The idea is to treat the body, mind and spirit as individual units that function as a collective in order to achieve whole body well being and in the case of skincare, radiant, healthy skin. Holistic practices have recently been making waves in the beauty world but they are not a new convention.

Holistic modalities have existed for millennia – think Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine for example. In the advent of high tech face gadgets, harsh chemical peels and injectable treatments there has been a return to ancient beauty tools and practices.

Facial Gua Sha is one of the modalities that’s recently been attracting a lot of attention. Originating thousands of years ago in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Gua Sha has historically been performed on the body as a vigorous massage technique. In more recent history this treatment has evolved to include a much gentler practice on the face.

During the treatment a handheld board, often made of jade is gently pulled along certain energy points on the face. The treatment’s purpose is to move stagnant blood and improve the flow of Qi, the body’s vital energy. Doing so is thought to remove energetic blockages, revitalizing the body and thereby initiating the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

The benefits of Facial Gua Sha include:

• Increased skin radiance. As blood and lymph flow is encouraged the skin is nourished and detoxified resulting in a radiant complexion.

• Contouring and lifting of the face. As muscles are relaxed the face is easily shaped and contoured.

• Visible lifting and smoothing of the skin. As facial fascia is rehydrated and smoothed the skin is naturally lifted and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is diminished.

• A heightened sense of well being is achieved as the parasympathetic system is activated.

Facial Gua sha can be practiced at home however proper techniques must be established to ensure good results and avoid mishaps such as bruising or excessive redness. Visit us at Wildflower Beauty Bar to receive guidance from a certified gua sha facialist to show you how to effectively incorporate facial gua sha into your beauty ritual.

Facial Reflexology now available in Port Moody

Facial Reflexology Port Moody

Facial reflexology is now available at Wildflower Beauty Bar!

We have added Facial Reflexology (aka Dien Chan- Multifrelexology) onto our menu of holistic facials and our clients are loving it.

What makes Facial reflexology different from our existing holistic facials?

Facial reflexology gives us a way to hyper- personalize your facial treatment as well as provide you with simple yet effective ways to manage your skin between visits.

Your skin is a reflection of your internal world.  The manifestation of a skin condition is your body’s way of communicating an internal imbalance.

Have you ever wondered why you have recurrent breakouts or pigmentation in a certain area on your face?

Or why you have more pronounced winkles in one particular area than another?

Facial Reflexology gives us a way to map out and discover the origin of your skin conditions so we can treat them accordingly and help bring your skin to its most balanced, radiant state.

Book your Facial Reflexology treatment today or try it as a 15 min add on to any of our other facials. Get in touch with Wildflower Beauty Bar, your local holistic facial experts in Port Moody today.

On the meaning of Holistic Esthetics

In the holistic approach to skincare we address that the external world reflects the internal world.  The body is seen as a whole entity with connecting parts working together to sustain body, mind and spirit.  As such, your complexion is a reflection of what is happening inside the body.  Qi, blood and lymph must be free to flow in order to maintain and sustain life.  Energy and emotions must be addressed and balanced in order to avoid problems and imbalances in the mind, body and thereby skin.

Qi is the vital energy constituting the human body.  In relation to skin health, when energy is imbalanced or stagnant it can add to the physical signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation or lack of vitality.  If blood flow is imbalanced or stagnant it can lead to devitalized skin, blotchy skin or rosacea.  If lymph flow is stagnant it can lead to dull, grey skin, acne/breakouts, and puffiness.  With different modalities such as facial mapping, facial gua sha, facial cupping, and so much more to come we can address you and your skin as one interconnected being.  With our holistic approach to beauty we aim to empower you with the knowledge of what is happening just below the skin so you can make more informed decisions regarding your skin’s care and deepen your connection to true beauty and well being.

Book one of our holistic facials today to experience holistic beauty for yourself!

On Rest, Gentle Care and Beauty

Facial treatment Port Moody

Often times restful, gentle treatments aren’t equated to “effective” in the skincare world. In history many of us have been taught to believe aggressive treatments – high concentration acid products, frequent exfoliation & deep peeling for example, are the most effective ways to achieving dreamy skin but I’d like to share that they are not.

There is much to be said for a gentler approach that allows the body to go into a state of deep rest, the parasympathetic mode, or rest and reset mode.

Ever wonder why your skin looks amazing after a relaxing holiday? It’s the rest and the release  of stress that vitalizes the body and enlivens the skin.

We spend a lot of our days in stress mode; Busy “doing” and working all day long which causes a lot of wear and tear on our bodies. In stress mode the body’s digestion is slowed,
hormone production is unbalanced, and increased oxidation and inflammation, the root causes of skin aging, wreak havoc on the body. Entering a calmer, restful state is extremely beneficial for skin health and your general state of well being as it is in this mode that the body can repair itself. It’s in this mode that the body can re-balance and do the work it needs to do to stay vital rather than just fighting to sustain itself.

Our massage focused facial treatments are designed to help you enter this deep, relaxed state while also physically and energetically fine tuning your skin.

Benefits of facial massage include:

  • Increased skin radiance. As blood and lymph flow is encouraged the skin is nourished
    and detoxified resulting in a radiant complexion.
  • Contouring and lifting of the face. As muscles are relaxed the face is easily shaped and
  • Visible lifting and smoothing of the skin. As facial fascia is rehydrated and smoothed
    the skin is naturally lifted and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is diminished.
  • A heightened sense of well being is achieved as the parasympathetic system is

This is how true radiance is achieved and more importantly maintained. This is where deep
and lasting skin transformation happens.

Facial massage is part of all our skin treatments. At time of treatment we will address your skin
concerns and provide you with a customized skincare plan.

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On Facials

Are you curious about facials?  Are you wondering why you should have one?  Well this post is for you..

So why should you have a facial?

Seasons change and so do your skin’s needs.  It may feel dryer in the winter, more sensitive in the summer and so forth.  Having regular facials will help ease these discomforts and leave you feeling comfortable all year round.

Professional Extractions  Leave this step to the pros!  I know there’s something so excruciatingly satisfying about doing this step yourself but it’s so easy to overdo it and cause irritation to your skin.  You don’t want to do more harm than good by DIY’ing this at home.

Facial Massage. This step is deeply relaxing.  It helps relax and detoxify the body and increase blood circulation.  What does this mean?  It means a radiant complexion!  You know that “glow” everyone is after?  Well this is key to achieving that.  This alone might be all the reason you need to have a facial.  I know it’s mine.

Expert Skincare Advice.  Don’t get lost in the drug store aisles spending money on random products that aren’t right for you or are full of useless fillers and toxins.  It’s so easy to fall prey to this when you’re wandering the aisles looking for that magic fix.  Save your money for the good stuff and you won’t regret it.   Skincare trends come and go and we can help you decipher between the good and the garbage.  We’ll work with you to find products that you’ll actually LOVE to use instead of adding to the pile of unused splurge buys hiding in the deep crevices of your bathroom cupboard.  We all have these items and that’s okay but let’s not add to them!

And one of the most life giving reasons to have a facial..Relaxation.  It’s an hour where you get to lay under warm blankets, rejuvenate, and get taken care of.  This promotes an overall sense of well being which can last for days.  Sounds pretty great right?  It kinda is.  Come try one today!

Check out our facial treatments online at or book a complimentary skincare consultation in shop.

On Bathing Rituals

Take the plunge.  Cleanse, purify, rejuvenate.  Nourish your mind, body and spirit.

Bathing is an easy way to gift yourself a blissful Time Out.  Salt baths (Epsom and Sea Salts are among our favorites) infuse the body with Magnesium and other vital minerals which help to soothe sore muscles, encourage better sleep and detoxify the body. We’re big fans of The Ritual Store’s Rose Quartz bath gems and Divine Detox Bath soak.  Each jar is infused with powerful crystal energy to elevate your bathing experience.

Rose Quartz Bath Gems Ritual Bath :

Burn Palo Santo and let the smoke clear the air and bless your body.  Set the intention of opening your heart and gifting yourself much needed rejuvenation time as you swirl the bath gems into warm water.  Dress the bath with fresh rose blooms and rose essential oil to charge the water with the loving energy of roses.  Step inside and soak in the nourishment of this restoring time to yourself.

Divine Detox Ritual Bath:

Burn Palo Santo and let the smoke clear the air and bless your body.  Set the intention of letting this amethyst infused salt bath detoxify your body and energy in order to connect with yourself.

Dress the bath with lavender sprigs or essential oil and step into this Divine Detox.

The Ritual Store Rose quartz bath gemstones, Divine Detox bath salts and Palo Santo bundles are available in the shop.

Photo credit: The Ritual Store

On Jade rolling


What is jade rolling?

Jade rolling is a centuries old beauty ritual that is evidenced to being used as far back as 7th century china as well as by the Mayans and Egyptians as a massage and meditation tool over 5000 years ago. Jade rollers are made of an oblong piece of jade attached to a handle which allows you to roll the stone across your face in order to help depuff (via manual lymph drainage), allow for increased product penetration, sooth and smooth the skin. As with most beauty routines it’s the simplicity and efficacy of jade rolling that has allowed it to stand the test of time.

Why to do it..

– Increases circulation: The action of jade rolling increases blood flow in the skin. This increase in flow results in the detoxifying of the skin, and can lead to increased vibrancy, clarity, and a radiant complexion. The saying “no flow, no glow” has been used to describe this attribute of jade rolling.

– Increased blood flow helps tone facial muscles to contour the face and smooth wrinkles.

– In the same way your body feels refreshed after cardio, Jade rolling will have the same effect on the facial muscles.

– The lymph draining action and inherent coolness of jade rolling helps to defpuff and detoxify the skin as well as reduce the appearance of darkness under the eyes: Proper Jade rolling technique is a form of manual lymph drainage massage and helps to rid the body of waste, toxins and other unwanted materials via the lymphatic system.

– Calm and soothe. Jade is a naturally cooling stone and will help calm and soothe the skin. Place rollers in the fridge for a few minutes before rolling for added cooling/depuffing benefits. Kind of like putting cucumbers over your eyes but soooooooo much better!

– Help serums penetrate more effectively into the skin: Warm the rollers in warm water then roll over any serum to help the product penetrate more deeply into the skin.

Attributes of jade:

Jade is believed to relax the nervous system, help discharge toxins in the body and is said to increase chi, a revitalizing energy in the body.

Visit the shop for a tutorial on how to use this amazing skincare tool!