Facial reflexology is now available at Wildflower Beauty Bar!

We have added Facial Reflexology (aka Dien Chan- Multifrelexology) onto our menu of holistic facials and our clients are loving it.

What makes Facial reflexology different from our existing holistic facials?

Facial reflexology gives us a way to hyper- personalize your facial treatment as well as provide you with simple yet effective ways to manage your skin between visits.

Your skin is a reflection of your internal world.  The manifestation of a skin condition is your body’s way of communicating an internal imbalance.

Have you ever wondered why you have recurrent breakouts or pigmentation in a certain area on your face?

Or why you have more pronounced winkles in one particular area than another?

Facial Reflexology gives us a way to map out and discover the origin of your skin conditions so we can treat them accordingly and help bring your skin to its most balanced, radiant state.

Book your Facial Reflexology treatment today or try it as a 15 min add on to any of our other facials. Get in touch with Wildflower Beauty Bar, your local holistic facial experts in Port Moody today.

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