We’ve recently experienced rapid paradigm shifts in our world as we uproot deep seeded beliefs and examine the structures in which we live.  Looking inwards to see where we hold structures that no longer support us,  our communities and the world we live in as a whole can be very difficult.  It’s big, beautiful, messy work that requires a lot of compassion and contemplation.  In a recent online session with one of my favourite mediums, Bree Melanson, the group was given the suggestion from the Arcturians to “lift my heart so that I may see” and that hit home with me.  Often the thinking mind justifies and protects the ego and the identity built around it.   What if we moved out of our minds, into our hearts and acted from there?  What would this feel like?  What would it look like to view our lives, our circumstances and our world from the eyes of the heart?

With this intention in mind, Energetic healer Amelie St. Pierre of Liberate Your True Self suggests Garnet Almandine and Dragon’s Blood Jasper to aid discernment and positive change.   

Garnet Almandine – Allows you to contemplate, access truth and to integrate it in accordance with your higher self.  It brings insights even against great resistance.  It expands your levels of awareness and inspires creativity to help bring transformation to your life.  It increases willpower. 

Dragon’s Blood Jasper-  A stone of courage;  It helps you find new ways to transform parts of your life to a more desirable state.  It helps you better understand your emotions and feelings.  It encourages you listen to your heart and provides the necessary strength, courage and purpose needed to address deeply buried or repressed emotional issues in order to resolve them.  It opens you to the strength of love, forgiveness and compassion and gives you the courage to face difficulties head on.  It can also help you build the “real person” you are, dissolving false images and supporting spiritual self-healing.

Cardamom Essential oil:  Helps to calm and soothe nervous system, helps you unwind and strengthen your resolve when faced with challenges, enhances clarity, direction, motivation, enthusiasm, confidence, courage, and purpose.

Cedarwood essential oil.  An oil that balances the root chakra, our foundation.   Imagine yourself rooting into the ground, connecting to and energizing your lifeforce as you inhale the earthy aroma of this essential oil.

Lotus Wei “Truth Teller” flower essence.  This combination of Black Bat Flower, Grevillea, Trumpet Vine and Royal Poinciana flower essences awaken effortless communication + fearless speech, helps you ask for + go after the things you want, inspires confidence, conviction, authenticity + full expression

Our Ritual Pedicure is 75 minutes and includes a 15 min neck, shoulder and upper back massage, an essential oil infused facial compress and lots of TLC.

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If you are interested in crystals and energetic rebalancing visit Amelie St. Pierre at Liberate Your True Self.  

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