It’s the month of the lucky leprechaun, four leaf clovers and verdant shades of green. 

This month’s ritual pedicure is all about luck or as I like to think of it, Universal Support or Alignment with one’s purpose.  Think about the times you’ve been “lucky”; Was that just luck or was it perhaps the kind of Universal Support that keeps or leads you on your path?  I believe it’s the latter.  We’re here to live our greatest expressions and when we’re in line with our soul’s purpose I believe we also align ourselves with the support, or “luck”, that is necessary to make our dreams reality.  

In this month’s Ritual Pedicure you will find Chrysoberyl Cats Eye and Green Aventurine for an extra boost of luck, a way of vibrationally aligning yourself to receiving universal support.

Green Aventurine stimulates wit and creativity to help reveal opportunities you may have overlooked in the past. It also supports you in taking action. 

Chrysoberyl Cats Eye is a stone of protection.  It amplifies good luck, good fortune and encourages good judgment. 

Palo Santo Essential oil:  Meaning “Holy Wood” in Spanish, Palo Santo was named based on its magical and therapeutic properties.  Used by the Incas to purify and cleanse the spirit of negative energies and still used today by Shamans and natural healers to clear and cleanse ones energy field. 

Lotus Wei Wild Abundance Flower Essence – The essences of peony, jasmine, gardenia and white water lily help one celebrate the divine beauty, abundance and magic in everyday life.

Our Ritual Pedicure includes extended massage times, a warm facial compress and lots of TLC.

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The Ritual Pedicure is curated in collaboration with Amelie St. Pierre of  Visit her for more information on crystals and energy healing.  

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