In Joy

Summer.  The season of abundace, tranquility and beauty.  

Warmer weather and sunshine tend to inspire tranquility and joy, revelling in the present moment.  This is the season to enjoy the riches in our lives and revel in the beauty of mother nature.

To support the feeling of tranquility and present moment awareness, our In Joy Ritual Pedicure includes:

Larimar gem stones:  A throat chakra stone.  Larimar broadens our sense of perception and openness.  This gemstone represents tranquility and clarity and radiates healing and love energy.  Larimar stimulates the higher chakras and facilitates inner wisdom as well as outer manifestation.  It helps you speak from the heart and connect with the divine feminine

Clear Quartz: Amplifies energy and thought as well as the energy of other gemstones.  It helps dissipate negative energy and balances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes to bring the body into balance.

Lotus Wei “Wild Abundance” Flower Essence:  The essences of peony, jasmine, gardenia and white water lily in this thoughtful blend help to magnify abundance + prosperity; gratitude + appreciation; synchronicity; embracing all aspects of self and gracefulness

Rose Geranium Essential oil:  Geranium essential oil helps you open and connect with the heart chakra to support self love, compassion, and self-healing. Geranium essential oil can support you to release judgments, anger, and resentment and pave the way for unconditional love. 

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