Your life is a representation of your inner garden. Within the relative chaos of the world, may we find peace in our hearts and minds and reflect it back to the world.

In this month’s Ritual Pedicure you will find:

Moonstone- This gemstone calms emotions and eases emotional instability. It balances over-sensitivity to situations and relieves stress.

Shiva Shell-  Promotes spiritual knowledge. Shiva Shell stimulates the Third Eye Chakra and helps access higher consciousness. Within each shiva shell lays powerful sacred geometry that represents the flow of life, the extended cosmos and the universal knowledge that what is within and what is without are one and the same.  

Bergamot and Rose Essential Oil Blend:  Infused into a warm facial compress this blend of oils will help to calm, uplift, rejuvenate, and dissipate anxious feelings

Lotus Wei “Open Heart” flower elixir blend:  Let the essences of Cannon ball flower, Clock Vine, Saraca and Lady’s mantle empower you with strength in vulnerability + freedom in surrender, awaken your curiosity and allow the unfolding of life’s moments.

All our Ritual Pedicures are created in collaboration with Liberate your True Self and include extended massage times, a warm towel compress and lots of TLC. 

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