This month our Ritual Pedicure focuses on awakening your inherent talents and gifts.

April’s Ritual focused on planting seeds of growth and this month’s Ritual works forward from that theme.  Allow the seeds planted and nurtured in the early Spring to bloom and inspire new life.

The stones featured in this Ritual are Carnelian and Apatite.

These stones bring a boost of vitality, creativity, and courage awakening inherent talents and stimulating extrasensory skills and the Soul’s gifts.

Carnelian increases this work on a physical level working through the Sacral Chakra, while Apatite stimulates the Throat Chakra to promote the expansion of the Soul’s strength within the body.  Both gemstones support the manifestation of one’s goal through increased perception and aligned action.

Lotus Wei Inspired Action Flower Essence:  Flower essences of Firestar Orchid, Euphrasia, Chandelier Succulent and Red Bird of Paradise help enhance motivation, productivity + follow-through while increasing drive, clarity, insight, inspiration and decisiveness.  This blend helps inspire innovation and creativity.

Bergamot and Orange Essential Oil blend:  Bergamot essential oil is said to provide protection, prosperity, and happiness and helps to boost inner confidence and inner courage, by igniting trust in the Divine. Orange essential oil stimulates circulation, and helps combat fatigue and lethargy.  Orange essential oil is said to awaken the heart energy to comfort and love.

Enjoy this joy stimulating scent during a warm facial compress.  

Liberate Your True Self Ritual Tea, Elevated Journey.  Fortify yourself with a cup of this powerful blend of herbs which promote energy and stamina.

Our Ritual Pedicures include extended massage times, a warm facial compress and lots of TLC.

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Our Ritual Pedicures are curated in collaboration with Spiritual Healer Amelie St. Pierre of Liberate Your True Self, Visit her for a free personalized reading to help you select the best gemstone for you.

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