On Gratitude

I used to roll my eyes whenever I heard the saying “to have more you must first appreciate what you have”.  I was like sure, sure.. I appreciate “x” so where’s my ‘y’?

Now I get it.  I was missing a link – GRATITUDE.  That deep, all encompassing, feel-y kind of appreciation.  When we feel gratitude we awaken JOY and with that joy comes the feeling of abundance.  A beautiful circle.  Gratitude, joy, abundance.  I don’t mean that Birken bags will suddenly start falling from the sky into your lap (I wouldn’t cut that out of the picture though, just sayin’).  But gratitude has shown me that abundance exists in the EVERYTHING.  Gratitude has created space in my heart and in my mind for infinite possibility.  Opening up the world so huge that very possibly, one day soon Birken bags could be falling into my lap 😉  Having said that I understand that the feeling of gratitude is not always easy to come by; It’s a personal journey (sorry, that’s the caveat).  Personally I’ve found time alone and meditation very helpful in opening my eyes to all I have to be grateful for. 

This month, in the hopes of inspiring gratitude, joy and abundance we collaborated with Amelie St. Pierre of Liberate Your True Self to curate the Gratitude Ritual Pedicure.  

Citrine – this sunny yellow quartz brings a sense of joy and abundance.  It enhances generosity of spirit and helps one to understand and experience the abundance that comes from selflessness. 

Peacock Ore – This gemstone’s rainbow of colour surrounds you with light and inspires positivity. It also has the properties to combat negativity.  For this month’s ritual the stone is to be held in your hand.  If you choose to you may set an intention such as “I am surrounded by light and peace”.  Working with these rainbow coloured stones can inspire a sense of inner peace allowing you to find joy in the present moment.

Cedarwood essential oil.  An oil that balances the root chakra, our foundation which connects us to all that is via our physical body.  Imagine yourself rooting into the ground, connecting to and energizing your lifeforce as you inhale the earthy aroma of this essential oil during a heated facial compress.

Lotus Wei “Wild Abundance” flower essence.  This combination of peony, gardenia, jasmine, white water lily, yarrow and lotus flower essences awakens us to the divine beauty and magic that exists in everyday life.  

This month let’s dive deep and make room in our hearts and minds for gratitude.  

Our Ritual Pedicure is 75 minutes and includes a 15 min neck, shoulder and upper back massage.  

Call to book yours today or book online at https://www.vagaro.com/wildflowerbeautybar

If you are interested in crystals and energetic rebalancing see Amelie St. Pierre at www.liberateyourtrueself.com

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