I created Wildflower Beauty Bar because I wanted to create a different kind of spa experience. I wanted an inviting space that reminded my guests about the importance of self care and the positive effects of rejuvenation and relaxation.  I wanted it to be a place not only for special occasions but for everyday or any day – an everyday luxury.  That was the drive but the reality of bringing it to life was the difficult part.  I wanted to create this space and I wanted it to be mine so I could make it everything I envisioned it to be.  But with 2 young children and a reliable job I was hesitant to make the leap.  It was something I wanted to do but was it something I should do? The answer came via phone call from the owner of the space who I had met a few weeks earlier at a viewing.  He had called to ask if I was interested in renting it and if so, I could have it.  Wait. What? Really? I could make Wildflower a thing? I wasn’t quite ready at this point but his phone call got the ball rolling and from then on I couldn’t stop myself from going for it – even if I wanted to. Was it a wise decision? WelI, when I asked a good friend and fellow entrepreneur this question she responded with a chuckle “well, it’s never a ‘wise’ decision to work for yourself but you do it because you can’t stop yourself”. That rang so true with me.  She understood! It was wonderful to hear someone say it out loud! Thanks Nicola 🙂

So, wise decision? Debatable.  AMAZING and fulfilling decision? A resounding YES! Has it all been akin to running through a fragrant rose filled garden? Not quite.  But on the whole it’s been an amazing period of growth.  It’s still to be told how I will fare in this new venture but it’s a guaranteed adventure and life giver for me. It’s rekindled my creativity and my love for all things beauty.  Beauty in all forms – in the difficult, in the challenge, in the joy, in the material, in the complex human form.  I hope I can inspire in my guests some of the beauty that creating this little shop has brought forth for me. And I thank you in advance if you are inclined to be part of my adventure.



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