Often times restful, gentle treatments aren’t equated to “effective” in the skincare world. In history many of us have been taught to believe aggressive treatments – high concentration acid products, frequent exfoliation & deep peeling for example, are the most effective ways to achieving dreamy skin but I’d like to share that they are not.

There is much to be said for a gentler approach that allows the body to go into a state of deep rest, the parasympathetic mode, or rest and reset mode.

Ever wonder why your skin looks amazing after a relaxing holiday? It’s the rest and the release  of stress that vitalizes the body and enlivens the skin.

We spend a lot of our days in stress mode; Busy “doing” and working all day long which causes a lot of wear and tear on our bodies. In stress mode the body’s digestion is slowed,
hormone production is unbalanced, and increased oxidation and inflammation, the root causes of skin aging, wreak havoc on the body. Entering a calmer, restful state is extremely beneficial for skin health and your general state of well being as it is in this mode that the body can repair itself. It’s in this mode that the body can re-balance and do the work it needs to do to stay vital rather than just fighting to sustain itself.

Our massage focused facial treatments are designed to help you enter this deep, relaxed state while also physically and energetically fine tuning your skin.

Benefits of facial massage include:

  • Increased skin radiance. As blood and lymph flow is encouraged the skin is nourished
    and detoxified resulting in a radiant complexion.
  • Contouring and lifting of the face. As muscles are relaxed the face is easily shaped and
  • Visible lifting and smoothing of the skin. As facial fascia is rehydrated and smoothed
    the skin is naturally lifted and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is diminished.
  • A heightened sense of well being is achieved as the parasympathetic system is

This is how true radiance is achieved and more importantly maintained. This is where deep
and lasting skin transformation happens.

Facial massage is part of all our skin treatments. At time of treatment we will address your skin
concerns and provide you with a customized skincare plan.

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