In the holistic approach to skincare we address that the external world reflects the internal world.  The body is seen as a whole entity with connecting parts working together to sustain body, mind and spirit.  As such, your complexion is a reflection of what is happening inside the body.  Qi, blood and lymph must be free to flow in order to maintain and sustain life.  Energy and emotions must be addressed and balanced in order to avoid problems and imbalances in the mind, body and thereby skin.

Qi is the vital energy constituting the human body.  In relation to skin health, when energy is imbalanced or stagnant it can add to the physical signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation or lack of vitality.  If blood flow is imbalanced or stagnant it can lead to devitalized skin, blotchy skin or rosacea.  If lymph flow is stagnant it can lead to dull, grey skin, acne/breakouts, and puffiness.  With different modalities such as facial mapping, facial gua sha, facial cupping, and so much more to come we can address you and your skin as one interconnected being.  With our holistic approach to beauty we aim to empower you with the knowledge of what is happening just below the skin so you can make more informed decisions regarding your skin’s care and deepen your connection to true beauty and well being.

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