Powerful Presence

I believe that each individual is powerful in nature.  We are born creators and have the ability to create the life and world in which we wish to live.  Our innate powerful presence is a natural gift but it can easily be diminished by the constructs in which we live our daily lives.  There is no time like present to fortify and reclaim your powerful presence.  With cold and flu season upon us it is important to fortify your powerful presence – physically, mentally and energetically.  

Persistent worry and fear weaken the immune system and weaken the spirit of an individual as well as communities at large.  I think it’s important to always, but especially now, take the time to disconnect from popular media outlets and go inward to cultivate a place of peace and a feeling of relative safety.  Connect with your loved ones, do things you enjoy, live life.  Amongst the mask wearing and hand sanitizing remember not to mask your voice and your joys, remember not to sanitize your life of interactions with those you love.  Remember, we are a community that is stronger when connected to each other than when we are separated from each other.  For the time being this connection may look different but don’t let go of the joy of connection.  Connect with loved ones and joyful activity daily, detach from the monologue of fear and re-ignite your powerful presence.

For this Ritual pedicure we teamed up with Energy Healer Amelie St. Pierre of Liberate Your True Self to create a crystal bath that will fortify your powerful presence and energetic field.

In this Ritual you will find:

Nuumite:  One of the oldest stones found on the planet.  It is a stone of resilience and energy which helps one stay grounded and unaffected by external influences

Garnet:  Revitalizes, purifies and balances energy to encourage serenity and passion.  Garnet activates and strengthens survival instinct to bring courage and hope.  It sharpens perceptions of one’s self and others, opens the heart and bestows self confidence.  

Lotus Wei Luscious Embodiment Flower essence: Feel interconnected with the natural paradise around you; Experience freedom in your body: embody your WILD; Trust your body and your immune system

Frankincense Essential oil:  Revitalizing, fortifying + rejuvenating to the skin; Opening, expanding and deepening to the energetic body and airways.  Earthy, grounding and enhances connection to both body and spirit.  

All Ritual pedicures include extended massage times, a warm towel compress and lots of TLC.

Book you Ritual Pedicure today, https://www.vagaro.com/wildflowerbeautybar

If you would like to learn more about crystals and energy healing visit Amelie St. Pierre at Liberate Your True Self, https://liberateyourtrueself.com


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