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The Ritual Pedicure

The Ritual Pedicure is curated seasonally to help you align with the energy of the season. We are part of mother nature and move right alongside her. As the seasons change, she produces different nourishment to sustain and support our growth. We choose a blend of gemstones, rose petals, essential oils, salts, and flower essences to support the ritual theme and your own sense of balance.

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What to expect

Every Ritual Pedicure includes a 15 minute upper back and shoulder massage, a lower leg and foot massage, a flower essence infused sugar scrub and an aromatic facial compress.

Cuticle care and Non-Toxic nail polish application or Nail Buffing are part of all our nail services.

Please note we do not offer gel nail or 'shellac' polish application. We can remove existing gel polish for an additional $15.

Please let us know at time of booking if you require removal.

Price (75 mins):


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What Our clients Say



Are non-toxic skincare products as effective as the more aggressive skincare products I usually use?

Does holistic skincare really work? Will I actually see results with Gua Sha, Facial Reflexology, or natural products?

Absolutely. Non-toxic skincare vitalizes the skin without weakening it. The clean beauty brands we use cut out abrasive additives and unsupportive fillers so the skin is quickly brought into balance.

Yes. When clients are doubtful, I give them a gua sha treatment which shows the facelift they get from facial gua sha after doing only one side of the face. The comparison is always significant. We can use natural tools to transform our skin. Holistic skincare goes deeper than the surface, to really help women understand the emotions they are carrying, and patterns they’ve upheld in their lives, that are depleting them, and showing up on their face. All of the holistic tools I weave into The Facial support transformation- both on the inside, and out.

Will my skin worsen if I stop using the overly aggressive skincare that I have used in the past?

No. There’s a myth in the industry that the more aggressive you go, the better. This is untrue. For most skin types using aggressive, surface irritating treatments can be very depleting long term, and work against the ‘plumping’ effect you likely desire.

What if I have botox or fillers - is this treatment still for me?

What benefits will I receive from my treatment, in addition to actual skincare or nailcare?

Yes. And don’t worry, even though I’m all about the holistic treatments, I also recognize there's a time and place for almost every treatment. No judgement here! If you’ve had botox or filler, it’s best to wait 2-4 weeks before doing Facial Gua Sha; however, all of the other modalities I use will only enhance and complement your skin.

Every treatment is an invitation to sacred self care. You can expect to fill your cup by tending to not only your treatment needs, but also your deeper need to feel seen, heard, and supported. Wildflower is a sanctuary located in the centre of Port Moody where you can leave your day behind, and come home to yourself.


Our services are holistic beauty practices that support transformation, inside and out.

The Pedicure

The Facial

The Ritual Pedicure

The Manicure

Customized to your unique skin, The Facial includes transformative modalities like facial gua sha and reflexology, manual lymph drainage massage and a facial reading to help shift you and your skin to your most balanced, radiant state.

Every Ritual Pedicure includes a 15 minute upper back and shoulder massage, a lower leg and foot massage, a flower essence infused sugar scrub and an aromatic facial compress.

The Manicure includes a five minute hand and upper arm massage, cuticle care, nail buffing and application of our non-toxic polish.

The pedicure comes with a rose petal filled foot soak, five minute neck and shoulder massage as well as a foot massage + sugar scrub to bring comfort to your tired feet.

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