• Holistic Facial Treatments
  • $165 - $185

    Tailored specifically for your skin concerns our facial treatments incorporate effective, holistic skincare modalities such as facial gua sha, facial cupping and facial reflexology to shift your skin to its most balanced, radiant state. Our treatments include cleansing, exfoliation, optional extractions and customized skincare as well as muscle melting, deeply restorative massage.
  • Lift and Flow Facial Gua Sha Treatment $165, 75 min
    Often referred to as a natural facelift this deeply rejuvenating, tension releasing, holistic facial treatment stimulates the flow of Qi, the body's vital energy and activates the skin's innate ability to heal itself. Combined with transformative, nourishing skincare chosen for you at time of treatment, Facial Gua Sha will lift and tone skin while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. The result is a smooth, noticeably lifted, naturally radiant complexion
    Add on Vitamin Infusion Treatment for deeper repair, $30
  • Facial Reflexology Treatment $165, 75 min
    Your skin is a reflection of your internal world. The manifestation of a skin condition is your body’s way of communicating an internal imbalance. Our Facial Reflexology treatment combines transformative skincare with facial reflexology modalities to reveal the origin of your skin conditions allowing us to treat them accordingly and help bring your skin to it’s most balanced, radiant state.
  • Clarifying Facial, $165, 75 min
    Manual Lymph drainage massage and Gua Sha detox techniques are used in this deeply detoxifying facial along with customized calming, anti-inflammatory skincare to leave your skin balanced and strengthened.
  • Refresh Facial $125, 50 min
    A refreshing Post Peel or Post Treatment Series facial
  • Synergy Skincare Consultation, $65, 30 min

    A 30 minute tactile skincare consultation for those looking to establish a holistic skincare routine. Find out which products and holistic facial practices are best for your skin. You may learn holistic practices such as facial gua sha, facial reflexology, sculpting massage and more. The modality you learn will be based on consultation.

  • Progressive Facials and Peels
  • $165-$185

    45-60 minutes
  • ReVita-Infusion Facial, $185, 60 min

    This progressive facial combines the product penetrating technology of Revita-Pen with a nutrient rich vitamin infusion to kickstart skin healing from the inside out. This treatment encourages cellular renewal, stimulates collagen production and addresses deep skin damage. Ideal when done in a series of 5 visits.

  • Progressive Enzyme Treatments and Peels, $165 - $185 + homecare kit, 45-60 min

    We offer a variety of Holistic minded progressive facials and peels customized by skin concern. These treatments are for those with an established skincare routine. We suggest clients see us for a Holistic Facial prior to moving onto these more progressive offerings. Contact us for more information.