This month I thought I’d keep the Ritual Pedicure simple.  After months of adapting, pivoting and adjusting our lives and lifestyles to suit these historic times, simplicity and stress relief seem appropriate things to offer.

In this month’s Ritual Pedicure you will find:

Ocean Jasper:  This gemstone promotes peace and letting go. It enhances the kind of joy and strength that helps to increase expression of love in words & actions. It is beneficial in resolving conflicts and sheds light on the positive aspects of one’s life. Ocean Jasper also helps cultivate patience and coping with change while remaining grounded.

Amethyst: Helps calm the mind from mental overwhelm and aligns one with a more serene & aware state.  It stimulates impartiality, constructive thinking & action.  Amethyst also helps overcome pain, grief & loss. 

Essesntial oil blend of Bergamot, Lavender and Benzoin:  This gently aromatic blend of essential oils helps to relax, calm and ground both mind and body.  

Lotus Wei Boundless Wisdom Flower Essence Blend:  Go deep with the essences of Bodhi Leaf, Spotted Bee Balm. Lilac and White Magnolia.  Activate connection, compassion, flexibility, and the ability to embrace change.  

Our Ritual Pedicure includes 15 minutes of muscle melting neck, shoulder and upper back massage, a warm essential oil infused facial compress and lots of TLC.

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Our Ritual Pedicure is curated in collaboration with Amelie St. Pierre of Liberate Your True Self.  Visit her at for more information on crystals and energy healing.

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