Heartfelt Giving Ritual Pedicure

Heartfelt Giving Ritual Pedicure

Heartfelt Giving Ritual Pedicure

The season of gift giving has arrived.  In keeping with this theme, this month’s Ritual Pedicure, the Heartfelt Giving Ritual Pedicure, focuses on giving from the heart.  Giving purely from a place of joy, free from social obligations or expectations.  

We teamed up with Spiritual Healer Amélie St. Pierre of Liberate your True Self to create a ritual soak that truly enriches the experience of this soulful treatment.

When giving from the heart Amelie says: “The electromagnetic field produced by your heart amplifies and the amount of Soul light being embodied increases. This expands your ability to bring in resources needed to fulfill your intentions. In this expanded state synchronistic alignment and convergence of energies occur more easily and effortlessly, bringing what is needed, often times from unexpected sources.

The law of attraction states that what you give out, you receive. However, the energy behind our thoughts and our actions is what dictates what we will receive; Not the act of giving itself. ”

So it is important to reflect on the motives behind our giving. Are we giving because we expect something in return? Are we giving because it is expected? Or are we giving from of a place of joy and freedom?

To help you embody a state of magnanimity, Amelie suggests Citrine and Moss Agate.

Citrine can help increase the joy of giving and align you with abundance so the flow is always replenished, no matter how much is shared.  Citrine dispels fear and promotes optimism and happiness.

Moss Agate is a power stone connected with the elements of nature.  It is said to bring equilibrium to the planet and help in the acquisition of wealth.  It is also a gemstone that will increase the speed of manifestation and can strengthen positive personality traits.

In this Ritual Pedicure you will also find:

Frankincense and Rose Essential oils:  Let the blend of heart opening rose essential oil and spirit connecting frankincense essential oil align you with the spirit of heartfelt giving.

Lotus Wei “Joy Juice” Flower blend:  Awaken joy, laughter and lightheartedness with this fusion of African Daisy, Birdsfoot Lotus, Chocolate Daisy + Pink Spirea flower essences.

Our Ritual Pedicure features extended massage times, a warm facial compress + lots of TLC.

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Unburden Ritual Pedicure

Unburden Ritual Pedicure

Unburden Ritual Pedicure

Do you ever find yourself doing something just because it’s expected of you?  Small things like volunteering for something when you’re already spread thin, or larger obligations like saying yes to being a bridesmaid for someone you haven’t spoken to in 3 years.  Most of us are familiar with these types of obligations/expectations and while they are relatively benign wouldn’t it be great to release yourself from them?

Let’s translate the recently popular cleaning out your closet movement into our daily transactions and toss the unnecessary obligations that don’t bring us joy.  We teamed up with Spiritual Healer Amelie St. Pierre of Liberate Your True Self to create a Ritual Pedicure to do just that.

If there weren’t any expectations placed on you and you felt you could express your true self:  What would you STOP doing? What would you START doing?  Where are you carrying unnecessary burdens from the expectations of others? And how are you burdening yourself from a false sense of guilt or not feeling good enough?

To help you release yourself from unnecessary obligations  Amelie suggests Iolite and Black Tourmaline.  Iolite allows you to express your true self, free from the expectations of others.  It releases energetic cordings to others, discord, and codependency within relationships.  Black Tourmaline offers strong protection against external influences. It helps you remain grounded and reduces fear.  It also promotes self-empowerment by understanding yourself and others better.

In this Ritual Pedicure you will also find:

Lotus Wei “Truth Teller” Flower Essence blend:  Let the essences of Black Bat flower, Grevillea, Trumpet Vine and Royal Poinciana align you with: 

Effortless communication + fearless speech

Inspire you to ask for + go after the things you want

Inspire confidence, conviction, authenticity + Full expression 

Cardamom + orange essential oils:  Cardamom is a warm, comforting oil that helps to release burdens and worries that get in the way of quieting the mind.  Orange essential oil promotes relaxation and peace without dulling the senses, aids regeneration and fuels optimism.

Ritual Pedicures include extended massage times, a warm facial compress and lots of TLC.  Book your yours today at https://www.vagaro.com/wildflowerbeautybar

Our Ritual Pedicures are curated in collaboration with Spiritual Healer Amelie St Pierre of Liberate Your True Self, https://liberateyourtrueself.com

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