What a roller coaster ride of emotions the last few months have been!   I’m thrilled to be back and look forward to reconnecting with the world.  During my time at home I felt a myriad of emotions ranging from fear to wild abundance.  The temporary closure of my business and great changes in everyday life forced me to contemplate the life I had constructed for myself and the areas in which it could improve.  I won’t say it was an easy time but in hindsight it gave me a strong sense of resilience and confidence while allowing me to release some things that were no longer serving me.  I hope that you too have found a silver lining amidst this shift.  As the world re-opens I thought it fitting to make our re-opening Ritual Pedicure all about grounding and well-being.   I imagine many of us could use a ritual to help steady our feet on solid ground and bring some calm to the nervous system.

In this Ritual you will find:

Fancy Jasper:  A root chakra stone.  Fancy Jasper is said to instil feelings of wholeness, well-being and a sense of being cared for.  It also helps bring calm to overactive emotions making room for clear and rational thoughts. 

Epidot: A heart Chakra stone.  Epidot encourages recovery after illness or great exhaustion brought on by overwork.  It is said to lift emotions, dissolve sadness, sorrow, self pity and grief.  

Lotus Wei Fierce Compassion Flower Essence Blend: This thoughtful blend of flower essences magnifies: love, nurturing, appreciation of things just as they are, healing, an overall envelopment of love and caring for ourselves as well as others.
It dissolves old emotional wounds of the heart, feelings of loss, betrayal, resentment and abandonment.

Geranium Essential oil – known to be a powerful protectant that keeps negative energies away and provides a balancing, uplifting vibration.  Geranium essential oil is said to strengthen the etheric body and help focus an overwhelmed mind.  

Our Ritual Pedicures include extended massage times, essential oil infused warm facial compress and lots of TLC

Book your Ritual Pedicure online at https://www.vagaro.com/wildflowerbeautybar

I look forward to seeing you soon!

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